Welcome Peggy Gurnett

Welcome Peggy Gurnett

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2018)

We welcome Peggy Gurnett Horsemanship to the Cayuse Communications family of advertising partners!

Peggy lives and works in Boulder County, Colorado, where she has been helping horse owners and riders for years. She has been featured in Western Horseman and on ESPN. She’s ridden around the country and helping humans connect with horses is her passion.

Gurnett writes:

The horse doesn’t care what clothes you wear, or what maneuvers you are asking for. All the horse cares about it how you cause him to feel when you’re with him. Beautiful basics lead to exuberant refinement in all ages, breeds, and pursuits with horses. 

Join me if you’d like to be an artist rather than a technician with horses.

Learn about her offerings here.

More about Peggy Gurnett soon!

Peggy Gurnett

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