My Mustang Isn't Who I Thought She Was

Horse Time Cherished and Your Brain as a Puppy

Trish Lemke is an equine-guided coaching specialist. Her business, Joy Rides, is based in Durango, Colorado. She hosts trips to Ireland, Costa Rica, Italy, and elsewhere. Lemke writes: It seems that we are all living with quite a bit of uncertainty right now.   And a lot of people I talk with are carrying this uncertainty around with them. They […] Continue Reading

CR RanchWear Shirts Shine

I was skeptical when I first visited with CR Ranch Wear about their shirts. Yes, they’re made in America. Yes, they’re beautiful. Yes, they fit exponentially better than your average shirt. But will a shirt change my day? Will it change how people consider me? Will it change how I consider myself? Turns out, a nice shirt does makes all […] Continue Reading

Welcome Valley Feed & Ranch Supply

We welcome Valley Feed and Ranch Supply of Bayfield, Colorado, to our family of advertisers. The feed store, run and owned by Tracy McCracken, is a full service feed and ranch supply store and generously participating in the baling twine recycling efforts offered by the Four Corners Backcountry Horsemen. Read more about that here. Valley Feed carries Purina, Ranchway and […] Continue Reading

Saddle Fit with Letitia Glenn

Letitia Glenn video-records Steve Peters with Jolene. This week, we visited with Letitia Glenn, owner of Natural Horseman Saddles. The Colorado-based horsewoman showed us how much more comfortable Jolene the mule was able to move when properly fit. For years, Glenn has helped riders understand saddle fit and helped dismiss some common myths. Her clients include clinician Dave Ellis and […] Continue Reading

Welcome Back Third Coast Equine and Morton Real Estate!

Dr. Janelle Tirrell We welcome back Dr. Janelle Tirrell of Third Coast Equine and Morton Real Estate to our fabulous family of advertising partners. Third Coast Equine, based in Palermo, Maine, offers three tiers of Wellness Plans to give horse owners an opportunity to plan ahead and invest in their horses’ health. Wellness Plans include farm calls, fecal egg counts, […] Continue Reading

What’s a nice shirt got to do with riding?

In many parts of our world, it’s mud season. Our horses don’t necessarily care if they’re covered in mud. But we do. Take shirts, for example. When a shirt fits well and looks good, it impacts our wellbeing. We feel better about ourselves. That positivity trickles down to the horse through our horse-human connection. So, that good-looking shirt? It might […] Continue Reading

Horsewoman Amy Skinner is coming to Maine

Amy Skinner of Essence Horsemanship and Bar T Ranch will visit Maine for a weekend of private and semi-private lessons next month. The accomplished horsewoman teaches English and Western. Skinner has studied at the Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Spain, with Buck Brannaman, Leslie Desmond, Brent Graef, and many others. Additionally, she is an accomplished guest columnist for NickerNews […] Continue Reading

LL Bean Packaways are Perfect for Horse Time

Regardless of where you live, this time of year demands layers. That’s especially true when taking our horse work into consideration. Weather is often a crap shoot. Barn calls may come before dawn (and below freezing) or midday (with plenty of sun and mud). It pays to be prepared and comfortable. This month, we’re focusing on a few impressive products […] Continue Reading

Dressage and Champagne in Mancos

Classical dressage competitor and instructor Petra Beltran will speak and present during an informal free evening presentation at the River Studio in Mancos, Colorado. Reservations are required for “An Evening of Classical Dressage and Champagne,” 5:30 – 7 pm, February 24, at the River Studio, 121 Grand Avenue. Originally from the Czech Republic, Beltran is currently training and living in […] Continue Reading

My Mustang Isn't Who I Thought She Was

What a surprise!  My mustang isn’t who I thought she was. Stellar is my mustang. I adopted her late last summer, or rather she adopted me. I am a volunteer member of a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) District’s Resource Advisory Council, a committee that meets regularly to learn about issues and actions the BLM district is facing. As committee […] Continue Reading