Horse Saddle – An important factor for comfortable horse riding

Maine Rider Impressed with Tuff Rider Boots from Adams

Editor’s Note: We welcome guest reviewer Debbie Hight! Hight is on the Best Horse Practices Summit Steering Committee and recently hosted horsewoman Amy Skinner for a weekend of learning. In this post, Hight offers her review of Tuff Rider boots from Adams Horse & Pet Supplies. She writes: I stopped at Adams Horse & Pet Supplies in Winthrop, Maine (just […] Continue Reading

Rain Chaps Let You Stay Out Longer

Last fall, I was invited to help gather cattle off the National Forest. It was two excellent days of long hours and many miles in Wet going in cool autumn rain the saddle over rugged terrain with fit horses and good company. On the second day, it rained. It did not sprinkle or drizzle. It rained steadily all day as […] Continue Reading

Another Rider Friendly Sports Bra from Title Nine

Riding Season is in full gear as we continue our Lady Bits & Riding features. Are you on the big-chested side? Do you struggle to stay comfortable and cool on these summer days? Guest columnist Emily Luciano reviewed the Trade Up Shock Absorber sports bra. Luciano is on the Steering Committee for the Best Horse Practices Summit. Luciano writes: Like […] Continue Reading

Olathe Boot Review

Olathe Rough Stock If cowboy boots were beverages, a pair of Olathe boots, hand-crafted of premier leather in Mercedes, Texas, would be a smooth glass of single malt scotch. Or, for coffee drinkers, a silky double espresso brévé served in fine china. Read more about the Texas company here. These boots are decidedly not convenience store bevvies. They are top-shelf […] Continue Reading

Saddle Bag Must-Haves

For some of us, arena work is a bit like running on a treadmill. Hello Tedium! Trails are what we prefer. We get out for an Go Prepared or Go Home hour, an afternoon, or the entire day to capture the expected and unexpected joys of trail riding. But what to bring? As you ramp up your riding this season, […] Continue Reading

Seven Sins of Horsemanship

Editor’s Note: Guest columnist Katrin Silva grew up riding dressage in Germany before moving to the United States at age 19 to learn to ride Western. She’s been riding both disciplines for the last twenty years. Read her article on Contact here. Katrin Silva Silva has competed successfully through fourth level dressage on quarter horses, Morgans, Arabians, Hanoverians, and many […] Continue Reading

Giving Thanks to Horsey Moms

Sally Butcher’s looking good! Mother’s Day is Sunday and I’m guessing many of us have our moms to thank for nurturing the horse love. I know I do. My mother, Sally Butcher, can also thank her mom. That’s how it sometimes lovingly goes. Elden Olsen, a reader from Utah remembers his mother, Rae Low Whitlock Olsen, pictured at right with […] Continue Reading

Welcome Rocky Draw Ag Services!

Tyler and April Willbanks have established Rocky Draw Ag Services in Mancos, Colorado. The business is a great way for the Willbanks to share their impressive and comprehensive talents and expertise in many agricultural endeavors, from farm consulting to horse logging. Tyler has worked with equines his entire life and currently has a team of Clydesdales (as well as other […] Continue Reading

Does Your Bra Pass the Loping Test?

You can’t consider bras without considering lifestyle. And if our reader feedback and surveys are representative, here’s what our lives are like: Horse chores in the morning and in the evening (and often in between) A daily blend of active and less active responsibilities. We often shift from one to the other several times a day Riding might involve a […] Continue Reading

Horse Saddle – An important factor for comfortable horse riding

Trail riding is a long distance travel. It needs calmness, compliance, and endurance of the horse to make sure the security of its own rider. Appropriate training for the horse is extremely important to prepare them for the long and difficult trail ride. This is supposed to be carried out to ensure the horse is prepared to live under extreme […] Continue Reading