Welcome Rocky Draw Ag Services!

Welcome Rocky Draw Ag Services!

Tyler and April Willbanks have established Rocky Draw Ag Services in Mancos, Colorado. The business is a great way for the Willbanks to share their impressive and comprehensive talents and expertise in many agricultural endeavors, from farm consulting to horse logging. Tyler has worked with equines his entire life and currently has a team of Clydesdales (as well as other […] Continue Reading

Does Your Bra Pass the Loping Test?

You can’t consider bras without considering lifestyle. And if our reader feedback and surveys are representative, here’s what our lives are like: Horse chores in the morning and in the evening (and often in between) A daily blend of active and less active responsibilities. We often shift from one to the other several times a day Riding might involve a […] Continue Reading

Horse Saddle – An important factor for comfortable horse riding

Trail riding is a long distance travel. It needs calmness, compliance, and endurance of the horse to make sure the security of its own rider. Appropriate training for the horse is extremely important to prepare them for the long and difficult trail ride. This is supposed to be carried out to ensure the horse is prepared to live under extreme […] Continue Reading

Horse Riding Clothes: The Essentials

If you are going to take up horse riding, or if you are simply trying it out, what to wear is certainly something you have to take into account. This short article examines the fundamentals of Horse riding clothing. What clothes do I want? The most important clothing for horse riding is a correctly fitting helmet. This is a safety […] Continue Reading

CR Ranchwear: Dressed up in a Flash

Amy Skinner is a talented horsewoman and frequent guest columnist. Here, she reviews an exclusive CR Ranchwear shirt. Read more about these Texas-made shirts here. Read Maddy Butcher’s review here. By Amy Skinner I had to go to a function recently where folks were dressing up some.  I’m a boots-and-jeans kinda gal, and when I dress up I often feel […] Continue Reading

Lady Bits & Riding: Intrepid Sports Bra Review

We talked with Title Nine’s Molly Hanks about the company’s promotion of athletic women and good gear to help them get out and be fit. “Sports bras help women be fit, active, and strong. For some larger chested women, if you don’t have a good sports bra, you might not do sports at all. It can literally be life-changing,” said […] Continue Reading

Horse Time Cherished and Your Brain as a Puppy

Trish Lemke is an equine-guided coaching specialist. Her business, Joy Rides, is based in Durango, Colorado. She hosts trips to Ireland, Costa Rica, Italy, and elsewhere. Lemke writes: It seems that we are all living with quite a bit of uncertainty right now.   And a lot of people I talk with are carrying this uncertainty around with them. They […] Continue Reading

CR RanchWear Shirts Shine

I was skeptical when I first visited with CR Ranch Wear about their shirts. Yes, they’re made in America. Yes, they’re beautiful. Yes, they fit exponentially better than your average shirt. But will a shirt change my day? Will it change how people consider me? Will it change how I consider myself? Turns out, a nice shirt does makes all […] Continue Reading

Welcome Valley Feed & Ranch Supply

We welcome Valley Feed and Ranch Supply of Bayfield, Colorado, to our family of advertisers. The feed store, run and owned by Tracy McCracken, is a full service feed and ranch supply store and generously participating in the baling twine recycling efforts offered by the Four Corners Backcountry Horsemen. Read more about that here. Valley Feed carries Purina, Ranchway and […] Continue Reading

Saddle Fit with Letitia Glenn

Letitia Glenn video-records Steve Peters with Jolene. This week, we visited with Letitia Glenn, owner of Natural Horseman Saddles. The Colorado-based horsewoman showed us how much more comfortable Jolene the mule was able to move when properly fit. For years, Glenn has helped riders understand saddle fit and helped dismiss some common myths. Her clients include clinician Dave Ellis and […] Continue Reading