Silva’s Three Sacred Cows of Horsemanship

Duckworth Crafts Another Keeper

“There are two kinds of people in this world,” says my narrow-minded self. “People who wear black and people who do not wear black. I fall into the latter camp. Or, at least, that’s what I thought before trying out the Comet Tunnel Hood from Duckworth. In black. I’m a fan of the new company; it raises and sheers some […] Continue Reading

A Change Coming On

Established in 2008 Websites are like homes. They have framework, contents, wiring, and color. They also have healthy doses of intangibles like feel and history. Ten years ago, I established NickerNews as a way to interact with the horse community and to fulfill a journalistic jones that I’d been suppressing since leaving my work as a newspaper reporter. In 2008, […] Continue Reading

Best Gift Guide for Horse Owners

Free bumper sticker! Oh, the joys of the holiday season and gift-giving! At Cayuse Communications, we aim to ease gift-buying challenges by focusing on items of high quality and worthy to your horse work and riding experiences. We focus on what might make your lives with horses better. The horses? Frankly, we think they’ll benefit from more from a happy […] Continue Reading

Tough Filipino Horses Need Your Help

Giving Thursday! Support International Veterinary Outreach here. Utah horse vet Dr. Kate Schoenhals sent this report from the Philippines where she worked with the International Veterinary Outreach: We did our first two trips this year and our hoping to continue building and developing over the next few years.  I’m headed back in March, 2018. Photo by Kim Ruelo These are […] Continue Reading

Why Net Neutrality Matters to you and me

Thanks to the folks at On Pasture for reminding us that the recent developments in Washington D.C. impact folks like you. The prospect of Net Neutrality going away, something the head of the Federal Communications Commission indicated would happen soon, is scary to folks like us at Cayuse Communications, a small business that educates and helps horse owners all around […] Continue Reading

A Glamorous Hoodie for Horsewomen

Toad&Co. first caught got my attention with its message, not its clothing. I heard CEO Gordon Seabury speak several times at the Industry Breakfast of the Outdoor Retailer; he was smart, inspiring and made a good argument for outdoor recreation companies uniting to fight for public lands, getting people outside, and sustainability. Like Patagonia, Toad&Co. (formerly Horny Toad, founded by […] Continue Reading

10 Minutes Well Spent

This week, we hear from Julie Kenney, an incoming member of the Best Horse Practices Summit steering committee. She lives and rides in Harpswell, Maine. Read her Focus on Fitness articles here.  By Julie Kenney Recently, I read an Eclectic Horseman article titled “The Ten-Minute Horseman.” It certainly seemed appropriate given the shorter days we are all now experiencing. My […] Continue Reading

Welcome Joy Rides!

Trish Lemke Editor’s Note: Trish Lemke is the owner-operator of Joy Rides, a Durango, Colorado company offering adventure horse travel and retreats. (If you attended the Best Horse Practices Summit, you may have met Trish. She was one of our warm, vibrant, and helpful volunteers.) In the coming months, Joy Rides is offering horse-filled and culture-imbued excursions in Costa Rica, […] Continue Reading

Amy Skinner Review

Debbie Hight, a Best Horse Practices Summit board member, longtime Mainer, and frequent NickerNews guest columnist, reports from a recent Amy Skinner horsemanship weekend in Norridgewock, Maine. Photos generously provided by Julie Kenney. By Debbie Hight Amy Skinner has written: If what the horse truly has to offer speaks to you, then listen closely, consciously, and intently, for the voice […] Continue Reading

Silva’s Three Sacred Cows of Horsemanship

Katrin Silva grew up riding dressage in Germany before moving to the United States at age 19 to learn to ride Western. She’s been riding both disciplines for the last twenty years. Silva has competed successfully through fourth level dressage on quarter horses, Morgans, Arabians, Hanoverians, and many other breeds. Based in New Mexico, she enjoys improving horse-rider partnerships of all sorts […] Continue Reading