Horses that have previously got in good positions in Equestrian

Horses that have previously got in good positions in Equestrian

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2017)

Independence Bay “Indy”

2003 by Glacier Bay

Indy and I competed today at the Dallas Dressage Club Schooling Show Championships at the Las Colinas Equestrian Center. I am proud to say that in our second show we took 5th place in Training Level Test 1 AA, 3rd place in Intro Test 1 AA, and after a tune up from my trainer, Tom Hall of Bear Creek Equine Logic, and a short lesson, we took a blue ribbon in the Intro Test B!!! I think our score was a 63,000! Sadly I have no video of this show…

We are working hard at developing a calm canter departure. She loves to run. We actually gallop quite a bit and jump a foot or so. I really want to work her over cavaletti, but we don’t have the facilities yet.

Good for you both. Way to go, Indy! Who has only been under saddle less than a year with Allie. You two look so good together!







Amethyst Bay “Amy”

2003 Half Arabian by Glacier Bay

July 2005 – Estes Park Show and Region 8

1st place Sporthorse Mares in Hand, 3rd place Sporthorse Mares in Hand ATH & Reserve Champion Sporthorse Mares in Hand, Reserve Champion Sporthorse Mares in Hand ATH

2005 CAHC Fall Show

1st place Sporthorse Mares in Hand, 1st place Sporthorse Mares in Hand ATH


July 2006 – Estes Park Show and Region 8

3rd place Sporthorse Mares in Hand, 3rd place Sporthorse Mares in Hand ATH & Reserve Champion Sporthorse Mares in Hand, Reserve Champion Sporthorse Mares in Hand ATH

Amy is competing as a 3yr old with mature mares who are also competing under saddle. We’re so proud! She has been doing very well in the show arena. Go Amy!!






Good Gracious Bay “Gracie”

2001 Half Arabian by Glacier Bay

August update from Gracie’s owner:

We went recently to a little unrated pony club sponsored show which was judged by an “A” circuit judge as a favor to the club. Gracie received several ribbons at this show, but the highlights were a First place in her first ever Hunter Hack class, and for me, I enjoyed my first English show ribbon in over 20 years!

The judge commented on Gracie that she was a “Fantastic Mover”.

We have also finished her first NATRC 20 mile race. During this, we were babysitting a crazy 15yr old thoroughbred! My Gracie, who is only 5, was calm throughout the ride and seems ready for anything.

Now I can’t wait for my kids to get back to school so I can have some more time with her!

You look great, Gracie!







Gisella Bay “Gigi”

2003 Half Arabian by Glacier Bay

Gigi picked a 14yr old girl for her new owner. *grin*

They report: “We are taking Gigi to a local Dressage show this weekend and the regional Arabian show in Ft Worth in two weeks.” Commenting on Gigi’s aptitude and response to her lessons so far, they also report that they are very excited about Gigi’s performance and say she has the best canter in the barn!

Update: From pasture to show in 1 week. A 59 in a dressage test at her first show, with lovely comments about her potential and her free walk!








Gabriella Bay “Ella”

2001 Thoroughbred Cross by Glacier Bay

Mary Riggs of Showtime Farms on White Chapel Road in Roanoke, TX who reports: “She is an amazing mare. I’ve had her since August and began showing her in December in the Baby Green Hubters and Special Hunters. She was champion in both divisions at her first show! We just got back from showing again for two weeks, where Ella was champion in the Baby Greens and reserve champion in the Specials in the first week. The second week she ended up champion in the Specials and reserve champion in the Baby Greens. She also won the High Point Circuit Champion in both of those divisions! I’ve been absolutely amazed with how good she really is. I couldn’t ask for a better horse!” Her show name is Fancy Free.

Good job, Ella!









Galliano Bay “Leo”

2001 Arabian Cross by Glacier Bay

Leo attracted the attention of a trainer who had a 12yr old girl learning dressage. She was ready for her first horse. Although Leo hadn’t been ridden a whole lot the past year, he’s always been one we thought would well suit a child.

Leo’s movement and great temperament sold him, but while out on trial, they took him to his first show. It was an open schooling show. He placed 2nd in all three of his tests, in very large classes, at a very scary arena, and the reports are that he got oodles of great comments. That clinched the deal. Congratulations, Maddy! We understand that his last show was an open, rated show where he again cleaned up in spite of pre-breakfast classes in freezing conditions, etc.

It’s not every warmblooded breeder who can produce mounts of this quality with the temperaments to be ridden by children. We are quite proud of our horses’ willing and cooperative dispositions!





Glad Consideration “Lyssa”

2004 Warmblood Mare by Glacier Bay

Julie Dunn has become a close, personal friend. Her insight and advice has been very helpful in many situations and her knowledge of area teachers, trainers, barns and riding locations invaluable. She dubbed Lyssa “Gracie” and reports that after being lightly started at a highly recommended training facility in Whitesboro, she is progressing quickly under saddle. “She has a great work ethic and prefers all her cues from the seat. They are cantering now, and her naturally forward, uphill canter is superb”.

These two will be a pair to watch for soon in dressage.

Julie let us know that she lost Gracie to a tragic pasture accident on 7-9-09. We are devastated and share her sadness and sense of loss.