Horse Riding Clothes: The Essentials

Horse Riding Clothes: The Essentials

Horse riding clothes
(Last Updated On: May 3, 2017)

If you are going to take up horse riding, or if you are simply trying it out, what to wear is certainly something you have to take into account. This short article examines the fundamentals of Horse riding clothing.

What clothes do I want?

The most important clothing for horse riding is a correctly fitting helmet. This is a safety necessity and needs to be fitted by a person who understands how to do this correctly. The Helmet should fit snugly, not too closely, but enough that it will not rock forwards or to the side. Distinct brands change somewhat in shape, so try a few on to receive the best fit for you personally.

A well fitting pair of jodhpurs ensures comfort in the saddle. They have been created to permit freedom of movement and protection from friction. Again these should be snug fitting, however just so much so you could still go freely.

Optional extras that may be helpful in your equestrian clothes wardrobe really are a coat and fleece for riding. All these are made specifically for comfort and fit whilst riding in various climate conditions. Again, gloves aren’t an essential benefit, but will ensure protection for your hands and extra grip on the reigns, so they may be invaluable.

How about footwear?

You are going to require some boots using a tiny heel of between 1 and 1 as well as half inches. You can use long riding boots, Jodhpur boots or lawn boots. Which boots will likely be most suitable will be determined by the kind of riding you are doing, and also you might find ones which you need greater than other styles of boots for unique activities.

What can I wear for horse shows?

The principles really are a dark coat; navy or black are perfect, a white button up top, light coloured jodhpurs (for example cream or white), long riding boots as well as a dark helmet. There could possibly be special requirements for a few trainings and shows, therefore it might be a good thought to check this out ahead if you’re a newcomer to an event.