Stretch That Dog makes us better dog owners

Dr. Petra Sullwold Dr. Petra Sullwold, a Best Horse Practices Summit sponsor and owner of six equines, dedicates her days to serving horses, dogs, and humans with her chiropractic services. She has worked on me as well as my mule, Jolene. We are better off for her attentive, generous care. Our visits with Sullwold are always imbued with her sharing […] Continue Reading

Winter Blues? Go Purple

Loving the Full Zip Stella from Kuhl Daily dresser dilemma for us winter horsewomen: Pick items of clothing that are warm, work hard, go with most anything, are easily cared for, and look great when you’re finished with the horses and need to head to town. Sweatshirts are sloppy. Jean jackets and canvas shirt aren’t warm. Sweaters tend not to […] Continue Reading

Jeanette’s Journey, VI: Death Valley

Editor’s Note:  In the sixth installment of a multi-part series, we hear from Jeanette Hayhurst, a long-time and avid horsewoman from Barstow, California. Like many of us, she has continued to connect with horses, even when her age and physical limitations kept her from doing a lot of riding. Kudos, Jeanette! She writes of her transition from riding to driving […] Continue Reading

NCPG: Add it to your bucket list

This week, we continued our road trip with several days in Elko, Nevada. For more than three decades, the northern Nevada town has been home to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, a week-long festival of western ranching culture. It’s my favorite mid-winter event. Hands down. This year and for the first time, I participated in one of the Gathering’s many […] Continue Reading

Rider Benefits: Katrin Silva Gives Thanks

Katrin Silva grew up riding dressage in Germany before moving to the United States at age 19 to learn to ride Western. She’s been riding both disciplines for the last twenty years. Silva has competed successfully through fourth level dressage on quarter horses, Morgans, Arabians, Hanoverians, and many other breeds. Based in New Mexico, she enjoys improving horse-rider partnerships and […] Continue Reading

Kuhl embraces Horses and Riders

In the coming weeks, Cayuse Communications will feature warm, functional, and stylish items from Kuhl, the outdoor clothing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They’re part of our new “Gifts We Give Ourselves” section. We’ll review: Women’s Stella Full Zip Women’s Firekrakr Hoody Men’s Lined Burr Jacket Men’s Rydr Pants Recently, Kuhl visited and dedicated gear and support to […] Continue Reading

Duckworth Crafts Another Keeper

“There are two kinds of people in this world,” says my narrow-minded self. “People who wear black and people who do not wear black. I fall into the latter camp. Or, at least, that’s what I thought before trying out the Comet Tunnel Hood from Duckworth. In black. I’m a fan of the new company; it raises and sheers some […] Continue Reading

A Change Coming On

Established in 2008 Websites are like homes. They have framework, contents, wiring, and color. They also have healthy doses of intangibles like feel and history. Ten years ago, I established NickerNews as a way to interact with the horse community and to fulfill a journalistic jones that I’d been suppressing since leaving my work as a newspaper reporter. In 2008, […] Continue Reading

Best Gift Guide for Horse Owners

Free bumper sticker! Oh, the joys of the holiday season and gift-giving! At Cayuse Communications, we aim to ease gift-buying challenges by focusing on items of high quality and worthy to your horse work and riding experiences. We focus on what might make your lives with horses better. The horses? Frankly, we think they’ll benefit from more from a happy […] Continue Reading

Tough Filipino Horses Need Your Help

Giving Thursday! Support International Veterinary Outreach here. Utah horse vet Dr. Kate Schoenhals sent this report from the Philippines where she worked with the International Veterinary Outreach: We did our first two trips this year and our hoping to continue building and developing over the next few years.  I’m headed back in March, 2018. Photo by Kim Ruelo These are […] Continue Reading