About Us

Jerome’s the owner of Magicarpet Show Horses. 

His family enjoyed riding together. Eventually, family hardships forced the loss of all the horses. It doesn’t at all surprise anyone who knew him then that he became again involved as an adult.


How much a part of his life it became, ok, well maybe… it’s gotten pretty BIG!

Jerome purchased, trained and competed a half arab, half Saddlebred, Kentucky Toy Chest (by Harlequin Magic Maker out of LN Windsong by Toi Soldier). For most of the early 90’s they were inseparable and made horse of the year rankings in their region for halter, dressage, hunter, western pleasure, and loved to show at liberty to the music of Steppenwolf’s “Magicarpet Ride”.

Magicarpet Show Horses began as a desire to produce a calmer, more correct half Arabian with the movement and conformation necessary for the discipline of dressage.

Between the cost of boarding so many and the high cost of California land suitable for horses, they started searching in other southwest states for a place to call their own. After researching farm listings on the internet and making a few trips, they believed they had found the right mix of nutritious year round grasses and optimum, horse friendly, climates in North East Texas. John flew out to view available properties in March of 2005.

Powderly was the highlight of his trip. After his return, they eagerly made an offer. The property had been built by a race horse’s earnings. Sadly, however, it had been sold 10 years earlier to an equipment dealer who had hit the Texas lottery. All the stalls had been torn out of the barn, the pastures were empty, the fence needed repairs.

They moved in June of 2005 and have been very busy ever since getting it just right for the horses. They love it there. It is so very beautiful! The barn now has six 12×12 premium stalls and one 12×24 foaling stall (right across from the floor to ceiling window in the bedroom of the barn apartment, of course), all constructed completely open, utilizing steel mesh and Priefert’s best stall panels. The foaling stall, as well as the last stall on the other end, have solid wood panes for foaling privacy/stallions.

The entire vet area and breezeway are rubber matted. The vet area has a fridge, sinks, drains, and a set of stocks for vet work and breeding. The 5 pastures are all white pipe and cable fencing. Three of these have generous, year round ponds. There are four 120′ x 120′ paddocks by the house which are surrounded by an open lane to separate them from the pastures…they were clearly meant for stallions. The paddocks and pastures all have large, open shelters for inclimate weather. They have installed a 250×150 arena and an oversized, white panel round pen.

New metal roofs on both barn and house completed the 2005/2006 work schedule, and now the focus is on getting a few more SOLD signs on the sales list.

With the move to Texas, the Glacier Bay partnership was dissolved, as Glacier Bay had to stay in California. Charna obtained a license to breed their nicest Glacier Bay colt which was kept intact. They are now offering breedings to this fantastic youngster. (See our Stallions page!).

Magicarpet Show Horses breeds to Arabians and Thoroughbred mares which are of good size, with specific strengths of character and type – they must possess athleticism, intelligence, good conformation, great dispositions and demonstrate correct movement. These are broodmares who have proven themselves – in producing quality offspring, under saddle and have been presented to the AWR judges. Even though they share many strengths, they are all pretty different mares. The result is clearly a study in consistency for Glacier Bay. The foals have quality, charisma and are excellent sport prospects.


Terms are available, most all prices are negotiable and include a year’s membership in the American Warmblood Registry. Video footage, as well as additional photos, are available upon request. Let us know if you are interested in anything you have seen here. As we handle each horse on a daily basis, we can provide detailed information about each one’s strengths, character and overall personality, as well.

With the economic times they are, we have curtailed our breeding a bit and have begun to take in retirees.  We love these old guys.  Our clients are wonderful people who love that we take care of their old horses the same way we take care of our own.  We also can do it for much less than others as our costs are so low and we have so many acres of improved pasture which reduces our cost for feed.  We also will lease our mares from time to time. Inquire for more information about any way we can help you have a wonderful horse experience. Thank you for visiting us. Next time you’re down our way, stop in and stay awhile – there’s plenty of room for guests!