Winter Blues? Go Purple

Amy Skinner: A Bit about Bias

Amy Skinner Editor’s Note: Amy Skinner is a regular guest columnist and has been a horse gal since age six. Read her most recent article on the questionable nature of the 30-day start. She will present an arena demonstration with fellow trainer and rider, Katrin Silva, at the Best Horse Practices Summit. This week, we asked Skinner to relate some […] Continue Reading

Micro-steps with Rewards Work Best for Dogs and Horses

Ann Chernoff Allan works with her dog at a herding competition The weather is warming. Snow is disappearing. And like riding season, herd dog training season is back! My dogs and I are fortunate to resume our training with Ann Chernoff Allan, a remarkable local trainer. Read more here. Last year, we trained faithfully for six months, once or twice […] Continue Reading

The Winding Road of Life with Horses

Katrin Silva grew up riding dressage in Germany before moving to the United States at age 19 to learn to ride Western. She’s been riding both disciplines for the last twenty years and is a regular BestHorsePractices columnist. She will offer two arena presentations with Amy Skinner at the Best Horse Practices Summit. Silva lives in New Mexico where she […] Continue Reading

Delightful Days at Circle Z

Many of us are more than ready for spring. Waiting out the weather is fine, by why not escape instead? Our newest partner is the Circle Z Ranch, in Patagonia, Arizona. Here, owner Diana Nash maps out what your delicious, delightful week will entail: Circle Z’s Diana Nash writes: Aside from the three delicious meals each day, the evening social […] Continue Reading

Nancy Lowery: Where is MeToo in the Horse World?

Editor’s Note: We hear this week from Nancy Lowery of Calgary, Alberta. Lowery has been blogging about her Leadership Learning through Horsemanship Experiences for more than a decade. A recent interview series by Lowery explored what Calgary leaders have learned through their relationships with horses. This guest post addresses some of what we will explore at Stepping Up, a supplemental day […] Continue Reading

Jeanette’s Journey, the Final Trek!

Editor’s Note:  In the sixth installment of a multi-part series, we hear from Jeanette Hayhurst, a long-time and avid horsewoman from Barstow, California. Like many of us, she has continued to connect with horses, even when her age and physical limitations kept her from doing a lot of riding. Kudos, Jeanette! She writes of her transition from riding to driving […] Continue Reading

The Most Fun You Can Have With Dogs in the Dark and Cold

Always at the ready I’m servant to three, highly energetic, mixed-breed-but-mostly herding dogs: Peeko, a heeler mutt; Kip, a mostly Aussie girl; and Monty, a mostly border collie boy. Together, we trek between two and ten miles every day. Especially during the winter, many of those outings happen in the dark. And living, as we do, amongst prey and predators […] Continue Reading

We sit down with Western Folklife’s Kristin Windbigler

At the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, we were thrilled to sit down with Kristin Windbigler, executive director of Western Folklife, the organization that runs the Gathering. She took the helm less than a year ago after serving on its board of directors and working for TED as the director of TED Translators, a project involving 30,000 volunteers. Windbigler grew up in rural […] Continue Reading

Stretch That Dog makes us better dog owners

Dr. Petra Sullwold Dr. Petra Sullwold, a Best Horse Practices Summit sponsor and owner of six equines, dedicates her days to serving horses, dogs, and humans with her chiropractic services. She has worked on me as well as my mule, Jolene. We are better off for her attentive, generous care. Our visits with Sullwold are always imbued with her sharing […] Continue Reading

Winter Blues? Go Purple

Loving the Full Zip Stella from Kuhl Daily dresser dilemma for us winter horsewomen: Pick items of clothing that are warm, work hard, go with most anything, are easily cared for, and look great when you’re finished with the horses and need to head to town. Sweatshirts are sloppy. Jean jackets and canvas shirt aren’t warm. Sweaters tend not to […] Continue Reading